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  • Community Events

    Light Painting Workshop (Paid Members Only)
    7-27-14 7:00 pm - Chatanoga Restaurant
    South Bay Photography

    *** This meetup is for paid members, New members that have never attended  a meetup are welcome *** If you RSVP, I will verity that you've have paid member dues, if your not, I will move your RSVP to wait list. Instructions on where location...

    The Philosophy of Art (dinner and discussion)
    7-27-14 7:00 pm - Chatanoga Restaurant
    San Jose Philosophy Dinners

    One of the benefits of practical philosophy is to give us a deeper understanding of the meaning and purpose of art in all of its forms. This discussion will include the following subtopics: the importance of art, the purposes of art, and some...

    Nights in Arabia
    7-27-14 7:00 pm - Chatanoga Restaurant
    The SF Bay Area and Beyond Bellydance Meetup Group

    Come out and cheer the blossoming talent of tomorrow's bellydancers in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. All levels of students as well as professionals will showcase their work. We will also be accepting food drive donations for the Second Harvest...