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  • Community Events

    Realty411's San Jose CREATIVE Real Estate Investor's Expo & Conference 2016
    8-27-16 1:00 pm - Legends New Location
    Wilson Investment Properties, Inc.

    Realty 411 Expo:  Saturday, August 27, 2016 from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM (PDT)San Jose, CA Visit Wilson Investment Properties at their booth and listen to Tom Wilson speak at the event.  NETWORK WITH EXHIBITORS, COMPANIES, REAL ESTATE GROUPS, CLUBS,...

    Realty411's Silicon Valley's CREATIVE Real Estate Investors' Expo & Conference
    8-27-16 1:00 pm - Legends New Location
    California Wealth Group (Riches through Apartments)

    ======================================================= CLICK HERE TO REGISTER ======================================================= Don't Miss this Informative, Educational & Exciting Expo &...

    gaming @ Legends New Location! - August 27
    8-27-16 1:00 pm - Legends New Location
    The Campbell Boardgames Meetup Group

    NO LONGER AT VALLCO Hopefully no big events this week that will keep us from meeting up there! Cross post from event set up in Silicon Valley Tabletop Gaming - If signed up there, no need to sign up here as well. Most people tend to show up...