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  • Community Events

    Couch to 5K Training (the stroller version;)

    Mommies Unite!

    6 months after baby and I REALLY need to get back in healthy shape. I figured it always helps to have others to make it fun and hold you accountable, so... Let's have a weekly meetup to get moving! I will be following this training plan...

    Toastmasters Meeting

    Santa Clara Sweet Talkers Toastmasters

    The theme for the meeting is "Strategy".   We have 2 prepared speakers and it will be strategically well organized meeting with great contents ;-)  Please join the meeting and bring your "Strategy".   Thank you see you there! 

    Send Thoughts of Light, Life and Love throughout the World!

    Rosicrucians in San Jose us Monday through Friday at 12 pm in the Grand Temple at Rosicrucian Park to send thoughts of Light, Life and Love to all of humanity and to our magnificent planet...